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Food Review at the White Horse in 1962

This article appeared in Lincolshire Life dated 1962 and is review of food at the White Hart ( for White Hart read White Horse it was an error in the published article)

Healthy appetites at the White Hart

FARMERS traditionally have healthy appetites and no doubt the hoteliers round Spalding have their agricultural clients well in mind when apportioning the meals they offer.

Anyone with the kind of appetite that comes from hard work in the fresh air may therefore patronise Spalding’s ancient White Hart safe in the knowledge that it is obviously the management’s aim to fill the bill in more ways than one. When I visited the White Hart for lunch with a friend I had not eaten for several hours during a drive around the County.

The well-varied menu—both a la carte and table d’hote—was a welcome sight and we chose a simple meal of hors d’æuvres, fillet steak and fruit salad. The White Hart excelled itself. The hors d’æuvre.s was almost a main meal in itself. Evidently the catering staff had never heard of those tantalisingly minute appetisers offered in some quarters.

The steak was a well set-up piece of meat served with ample helpings of vegetables. and very hot. Fruit salad, carefully chosen, and a, little cheese rounded off the kind of meal one would associate with our County—plentiful, well cooked and served.

I found the White Hart wine list most helpful. It is capably arranged with a great deal of information and with maps of the major wine producing areas. Our meal cost 14/- each and it was well worth every penny.

I wonder today’s fare is like and one like to comment?

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  1. Lovely image, but are you sure that it is the White Hart?
    It’s a good match for my photo of the White Horse – still a Sam Smith’s house?

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