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Father Clement Tyck Starts a Pilgrimage

The caption says it all. But can anyone tell us more?

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  1. The photograph is taken from the end of Henrietta Street, near its junction with St Thomas’s Road, looking south-east with the original St Norberts RC church just visible on the right above the policeman. Father Clement Tyck built a replica Lourdes grotto which opened in September 1908. This was the start of the first procession from St Norberts to Ayscoughfee in 1908. Please refer to the Norbertines web-site for further details at: https://www.norbertines.org.uk/blog/the-lourdes-of-england-and-the-norbertines-in-lincolnshire

    1. Thanks very much. I will create a link.
      If you have another links please supply

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