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Do you have memories of the Cinema at Sutton Bridge?

Cinema at Sutton Bridge opened 1922 and was used during the war years and was well supported by the RAF personal from RAF Sutton Bridge, later for many years owned by Ron Swift the cinema closed as a cinema in the mid 1960’s and for a short time became a dance hall, in the late 1960’s became an excellent resturant called the Barn, and was finally one Christmas destroyed by fire. — at Sutton Bridge

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  1. I remember these times at bridge flix like yesterday, lovely looking girls at the bridge

  2. I understand from my late friend Jim Carnell, that the cinema did open around 1921/22. The first time it was listed in the Kinematograph Year Book was in 1936 when listed under Arthur Swift (Kings Lynn) with 500 seats with prices of 6d to 1s 6d. running twice nightly shows.
    At later date in the 1930`s it was leased out to Jim Badley of Spilsby, who was also running the Gem Cinema at nearby Long Sutton at the time.
    The closing proprietor was a Mr Sands, who sadly died when removing all the fittings out the following morning after closing it the previoves evening.

  3. I used to live in it !! Well not exactly inside the Cinema itself but in a rather nice spacious house (with Garden) that formed the rear part of the same building. My father, who was in the employment of the said Mr Swift was the projectionist there from about 1957 until it closed in late 1959 or perhaps early 1960 (not the mid-1960’s as I recall). One thing that stands out in my mind were the so-called “tenpenny seats” situated in the rear of the Theatre. They were actually double seats and were no doubt popular with the local courting couples. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers attending Sutton Bridge Infants School at that time.

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