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Croyland/ Crowland/Trinity Bridge

This unusual bridge (the only one of its type in England) was built at the point of the confluence of three rivers- the Nene, Welland and Catt, because of this it had three arms which met in the middle. Now the rivers have been diverted and the 14th century bridge no longer serves a practical purpose. Attached to the parapet of one of the arms is a carved figure which has been depicted in this print. The statute is approximately life size and it is thought that it once stood in the west façade of Crowland’s Abbey church. The features of the statue have been worn away over time so it is not possible to definitely identify the character however many believe that it is the Saxon King Ethelbald. Originally the bridge was surmounted by a canopied cross where pilgrims may have stopped on their journey to the shrine of St Guthlac.


Source – Statue British Library, picture Facebook lincolnshire postcards

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