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Crowland Radar Tower

Another Crowland landmark, Manned by the UK and the USA, I remember two American brothers at our school for a short while , their Dad was Manning the Radar, this would be the 60s I was at South view at the time with my brother Alan, when he turned up that is! The American brothers name was Benavedas I think

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  1. Although the term Radar Tower is what most people associate with this once prominent local landmark it was not exactly the case, it was one of a number of similar towers placed in various geographic locations. In the case of the Crowland tower it was part of a telecommunications link from RAF North Luffenham in Rutland (Midland Radar) to RAF Watton in Norfolk (Eastern Radar) – there was a similar tower close to Downham Market. In the mid 1970’s I had a friend who worked for a company who then serviced these installations on behalf of the Ministry of Defence, this eventually lead to me being invited to have a closer look at the site whilst in the company of my friend – in all fairness there was not a lot to see.

    1. Please tell us more do you know how the defences were organised. Is there map? I have info about Homeguard but it would interesting to put it all together

  2. The above installation was linked to post WW2 military aircraft monitoring activities with various sites geographically located around the United Kingdom.

    1. Hi Reuben Do you know of a map that shows these installations? I bought a military map recently and it didn’t show anything.

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