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Cargo Ship Stuck in ice 1963


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  1. On the other side of the country, the big freeze began on Boxing Day 1962 and deepened so that the River Dee at Chester above the weir froze over and there were tyre-tracks of BMC Minis on the
    ice. The extreme cold continued into the New Year of 1963, when I started UCCA interviews for a place at one of four universities, at Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield and one other. This meant rail-way journeys across the Pennines, where everything was whited out and the reservoirs near the tracks were frozen over. Even the salty sea water of the River Mersey froze, so ice-floes were abundant in the tidal channel. Hawarden railway bridge adjoining John Summers steelworks was operated by water pressure but one ram froze solid, forced the cylinder cover off, and is still missing. The fresh water of the upper Dee at Sandy Lane was so thick that someone drove a Ford Zephyr across to the meadows. The mains water pipes in Birkenhead were frozen till May.

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