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Ayscoughfee Photograph Collection – Places

This Page lists the records from the Ayscoughfee Photograph Collection which have “Place” in the subject. The plan will be to continue this list and link the record to Catalogue No.


Catalogue No Description
CA1002000 Photo of Beales Cycle and Radio Engineer on the corner of New Road and Swan Street, Spalding.
CA1001999 Photo of two girls (probably shop assistants) standing in the doorway of Beales shop.
CA1001998 Photo of horse drawn delivery vehicle and racks of bicylces for sale outside Beales shop on the corner of New Road and Swan Street.
CA1001994 Photo of Showler’s grocery shop and staff, in Crowland.
CA1001995 Photo of Thos. Stubbs Drapers, 3 Market Place, Spalding, with Freeman, Hardy & Willis next door and a view of the street towards Hall Place. There are people on the street. Date Early 20th century
CA1001991 Photo of two male shop assistants and a boy on the steps of Pearks grocers store.
CA1002008 Photo of four workmen and a cart outside the workshop of R. W. Chappell, builder, wheelwright and undertaker, of Deeping St. Nicholas.
CA1002023 Photo of a quoits display in the yard of the Blue Boar pub in Cowbit.  The yard is packed with men watching, some even sitting on the rooves of outbuildings to get a better view.Date c. 1930’s
CA1002022 Photo of a woman and child standing outside the Blue Boar pub in Cowbit. Date c. 1938 Tom Barker with his mother Gladys.
CA1002021 Photo of a man and girl standing in the doorway of the Cross Keys Hotel in Hall Place, Spalding.  The frontage of the hotel is visible as well as part of the premises next door. Date c. 1936Names of identified individuals Roualeyn Robert Scott with daughter Lorriene
CA1002020 Photo of a man and girl standing in the doorway of the Cross Keys Hotel in Hall Place, Spalding.Date c. 1936 Names of identified individuals Roualeyn Robert Scott with daughter Diane
CA1002019 Photo of the Red Lion Commercial & Family Hotel, Spalding.  Three men stand outside the hotel and a barrow is parked on the cobbles in front of them.  The name Samuel Sleigh is painted on a board at the top of the hotel. Date c. 1905
CA1002017 Photo of the Axe & Handsaw public house in Shivean’s Gate, Moulton.  A amn is standing outside.
CA1002013 Photo of the Four Mile Bar Public House at West Pinchbeck. Date  8/1/1950
CA1002012 Photo of the Crane Inn (now the Lincolnshire Poacher), Spalding, on the junction of Herring Lane and Double Street.
CA1002009 Photo of the String of Horses Hotel in Holbeach.  A man, possibly the lanadlord, is standing in the doorway and the buildings to the right are also visible.
CA1001919 Photo of a damaged statue of Diana the huntress and a stag.  This may be one of the statues from Ayscoughfee gardens.
cA1001118 Photo of the opening ceremony of Kingston Cottage Homes Date 22 April 1907

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