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Ayscoughfee Collection – Joseph Royce
















Studio portrait of Mr Joseph Royce.  (We know that Joseph was the cousin of W. Royce M.P. and that he had his own boat on the River Welland which he used to bring in coal for the Spalding gas works.

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  1. Yahoo ! Great picture of ( Captain ) Joseph Royce, Keith Seaton had sent me this picture, but somehow it got mislaid… So one picture got now,, several to find, I hope.. Thanks Jeff.
    Yes this is John Royce again, Yes Captain Joseph Royce is my relative, and William Stapleton Royce is also my Cousin, I had the honour of going inside Pinchbeck hall, last Xmas.. Wow! what a beautiful big house…Happy memories..

    1. Do you have a family tree we can share. I think lots of people will be interested

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