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A Crowland Journey with the Slater family

This book is based upon a unique collection of photographs assembled and preserved by John Slater of Crowland. To many the name will be familiar – Slater’s Lorries were a well-known sight in the area for many years and in the golden days of skating on the Lincolnshire Fens the family was legendary.

The story of this interesting and unusual family is traced from their water-carrying business in the 1890s to HGVs and library vans today. But it is much more than a family album, for the photographs reflect the changing face of Crowland itself over the past hundred years. Along the journey we witness the traditional craft of the blacksmith, the agricultural work of the community as it moves from horses to steam, fenland pastimes of skating and wildfowling, celebrations of jubilees and coronations, and the dramatic events of the 1947 floods, captured in photographs many of which have not been published before.

Whether you want to take a trip down memory lane or learn about a past that is still within living memory, this journey with the Slater family will fascinate and entertain. 

The book has 6 chapters and to aid reading I have created a separate files.

Introduction – An early start (1898 – 1918)

Horsepower is all

Rolling along (1918 – 1939)

Delays, diversions and hold-ups (1939 – 1945)

“Water, water all around,,,” the floods 1947 floods

Home run (1949 – 1952)


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