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This magnificent canopied ten poster tomb of Sir Anthony Irby (1577 -1610, built circa 1625, would not look out of place in a Cathedral. Herewithin, are the remains of Sir Anthony and Lady Elizabeth Irby. Surrounding their effigies, on either side are the five children of their marriage, three boys beside their father on his left, and two girls alongside their mother, on her right. Sir Anthony and his wife have their heads resting on pillows and their feet braced against their respective family mementoes; a collared hound for him, and a griffin for her, which are incorporated in their family crests. Their eldest son, also Sir Anthony (1605-1682) who is depicted as the largest of the children, married Francis Wray – daughter of Sir William Wray, whose tomb, a replica of the Irby Tomb, can be found in the Church of St.Peter at Ashby-Cum-Fenby, Lindsey.

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