20th October Update

Another busy week with some high’s and low’s. Let’s start with the high’s. After successful meeting at Lincolnshire Historic Environment further outings with the Virtual Reality ensued on Wednesday we took it to the Constitution Club for the Young Farmers to enjoy. I think they liked Google Earth and being able to view their own farms, giving the potential for land management. Another hit was the cricket game with several star batsman.

Then Friday we took the system to our local event company called Exciting Events and demonstrated its capability. Out of this we were offered the opportunity to take the VR system to Peterborough Arena.

We also had meetings with SHDC and discussed our ambition for additional space.

Maria Almey is also going to join us as our education officer and we will look at how we can offer formal education. To compliment this we have started looking for funding.

Now for the low, Joe Foster our young Blacksmith has decided to leave us and start on his own. This was something which was due to happen next year anyway. But we wish him well and hope he continues to grow.

So we need to reset our Blacksmith offering and call on Ryan and Tyrone to take us forward.

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