Forge Innovation

Today we visited Dr John Murray at the University of Lincoln. We took delivery of our VIVE Headset and within a month we hope to have a new computer to drive it. This will enable us to take this system out to venues and involve our young people in Virtual Reality.

We also talked about our Innovation project which is nearing completion and this enables more than one person to share the virtual space and a person on the side of the world can share a Blacksmithing Experience. You could also get more than one person sharing the experience of looking at a rare artefact. Exciting stuff and has lots of potential uses.

We also discussed our next proposed project using Microsoft Hololens. This technology takes me back to my day’s working on Helmet Displays for pilot. The technology gives the capability of overlaying images on the the real world while still being able to see the outside world through it. We hope to use it to take visitors around the Forge and also to assist with Blacksmith training.

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