Tydd Gote Strawberry Pickers Postcard

This postcard is titled “Tydd Gate Strawberry Pickers” although i believe it might be a spelling mistake and is Tydd Gote especially as its outside the White Lion Inn. ┬áIn the photo we see a group of female Strawberry pickers wearing the traditional Lincolnshire sunbonnets.

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AOS P 2799  tydd gate strawberry pickers postcard. ladies in sunbonnets outisde white lion inn

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  1. This photo was likely taken by Lillian Ream, or her predecessor. The children of the strawberry pickers – who travelled from London to Wisbech, then were transported on farmer’s carts to the outlying villages – were known as ‘pickerlets’.

    Undertook research on this topic, but later, 1912-1938 on the Cambridge Fruiting Campaign.

    Fascinating to see this much earlier photograph.

    1. Thanks for info. Do you have any more you would be happy to share? Regards and Happy Christmas Geoff

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