Willesby Hall, Spalding

This photo, taken in 1972 shows Willesby Hall which is on Albion Street, Spalding. This early  17th century building is now Grade II listed.

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AOS P 2643  willesby hall albion st 1972

4 Responses

    1. Thank you Angela. Do you have any memories or pictures you would like to share.
      Geoff Taylor

    2. Hi Angela, haven’t seen you in years. Don’t know if you remember me , chris willoughby. You used to know my sisters Diane and Elaine .we used to come and play at your house , Willesby.

  1. Hi Angela I remember you I used to come and play there with yourself and Mark with my sisters Diane and Elaine willoughby . I was the little shy boy with red hair Chris .

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