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Moulton Mill

This colossal tower mill has the distinction of being the largest surviving windmill not only in Lincolnshire,
but in the whole country. It can claim to be the largest complete windmill, Sutton mill in Norfolk is 80 feet high to the top of its cap. Moulton mill however is 100 feet high to the top of its ogee cap.

It was built in about 1822 by Robert King. The sails were removed in 1894 after gale damage, when a steam mill with a two sack Turner roller milling plant was installed in the adjoining granary, steam power also being applied to the original stones.

Serious milling ceased many years ago and a small roller mill and kibbler saw occasional use. The main use of the mill from the mid 1970’s was as a store in connection with the grain merchant’s business of Mr. Biggadike, whose family owned the mill from 1924 to 1995.

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