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WIDB – Engineer Reports and Tests

Welland & Nene River Authority Reports

Welland River Board Lower River Glen

Reports on River Welland

Surfleet Sluice and Bridge

Reports on Bourne South Fen Pumping Scheme 1

Reports on Deeping Fen

Reports on R Nene

Reports on Bourne and Thurlby

Reports of John Smeaton 1812

Report on River Witham Estuary 1861

Report on River Welland Outfall 1835 J Walke

Report on River Ouse John Watte 1791

Report on River Ouse 1919 S Preston

Report on River Glen by John Kingston 1883

Maxey Pumping station 1911

Lower Ouse Drainage Board Inquiry 1918

John Kingston press article dredging 1887

Glen Outfall sluice Bill of Quantities

Extract from first Pode Hole logbook

Conditions of Contract Locks Mill PS 1938

Bedford Level Corporation 1825

Association of Drainage authority Reports

Report North Level 1830

Paper to Institute Civil Engineers on Dredging Estuaries

Letter Adventurers from Thomas Pear 1851

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