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Surfleet Great Northern pub/golf course

Nice set of memories from Facebook contributors

The old railway bridge at Surfleet
Opposite Parker’s Yard.
Yes I thought it was the railway and foot bridge at Surfleet with Great Northern PH my gran shaw lived just opposite in a wooden built bungalow.
Ice skating place when i first arrived in Spalding in the 60s !
Yes i learned to skate there on wooden skates with low steel blade, Fenland runners i think they were called !
Margaret A. Whittington in 1963 Jack Briggs drove his mini pickup along the Glenn from the res on the frozen river.

Robert Ellis Skated on there many times over the years.

Surfleet railway bridge by the northern pub (riverside now) looking from the shop and parkers yard. Could swim in and skate on the Glen then.
A place would hang a round as a kid go golf balling and sell them to the golfers in the car park .
Martin Kemp your view from your house (shop) i remember you mum Hetie very fondly and the penny sweets she sold. We used to get on the school bus us lot together from there too. X

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