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Other newspaper articles mentioning Fulney Park Camp

From Lincolnshire Standard and Boston Guardian, Saturday 18 August 1945:


300 Germans in South Holland

In addition to others who are brought in from camps outside the county, upwards of 900 German prisoners are now encamped in the South Holland area for land work, through the Holland War Agricultural Executive Committee. Five hundred of them arrived in Spalding from Scotland on Thursday night, and are in Fulney Park, and 300 are in Air Ministry huts at Sutton Bridge. For some weeks there have been 70 at St. Lambert’s Hall, Weston. Twenty-five German prisoners are expected to start work on the St. Paul’s Road housing estate site, Spalding, in the near future, in connection with the preparation of roads and sewers. Italian prisoners, who are on land work, are still in camp in the Stonegate and Alexandra Road area of Spalding.

From Rugby Advertiser, Friday 16 August 1946:

Daventry Divisional Court

Game Trespass

Capt. John Colby Salazar, Beds, Bucks and Herts. Regt., Fulney Park, Spalding, wrote admitting trespassing in pursuit of game, and carrying a gun without a licence, at Dodford on June 9th. He was fined £1 10s.

From the Lincolnshire Echo, Saturday 14 August 1948:

German Was “Concentration Camp Type”

Witness in a case at Long Sutton Magistrates’ Court yesterday in which a young German summoned another for assault was Thomas Godman, warden of Fulney Park Camp, Spalding, who said he had lived in Germany and Russia between wars. Of the complainant, Bernhard Schmidt, of West Bank Hostel, Sutton Bridge, he said, “He is of the minority type bred in Germany and fostered by Rosenberg. He is the type the guards of concentration camps were recruited from.” Schmidt summoned Wolfgang Schnefller, of Fulney Park Camp, Spalding, for assault at Spalding and at Sutton Bridge. The cases were dismissed.

INCIDENTS at an Italian prisoner of war co-operators’ billet on a farm at Swineshead, where a 38 years-old married woman, with two children, and a 14-years-old girl alleged they spent the week-end with two prisoners, were related at the court-martial of Gregorio Alligri, private in the Royal Italian Army, at the German P.O.W. Camp, Fulney Park, Spalding, on Wednesday.

From the Lincolnshire Echo, Tuesday 01 July 1947:

Chindit Married At Spalding

CAPTAIN Cyril Tyghe, of Chester, who was with Wingate’s second airborne landing and long range patrol in Burma, being mentioned in dispatches, was married at Spalding Parish Church yesterday, to Miss Joy Frisby. elder daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Frisby, of Spalding Common. The bridegroom is now stationed at the Fulney P.O.W. Camp, Spalding, and his best man was Captain J. Garcia, Adjutant at the camp. Miss Josephine Newton was bridesmaid.

Job Advert from the Lincolnshire Standard and Boston Guardian, Saturday 02 August 1947:

CAMP labour officer for Fulney P.O.W camp, Spalding; must have exp administration and preferably some knowledge of agriculture — Apply, Holland W.A.E.C.. 15, Market Place, Boston.

From Lincolnshire Free Press, March 12th 1945


An Italian prisoner-of-war received fatal injuries in an accident on Mr H. B. Atkinson’s Cuckoo Farm, Spalding, on Saturday morning.

He was conveyed by ambulance to Spalding Johnson Hospital, but was dead on arrival.

The inquest was to be held at Spalding this afternoon.

The Italian was aged 31, and was married with four children.

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