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Memories of the Pigeon Pub

Memories from Facebook

I think I have just spotted Terry English in the background so many old faces from the past plus so many memories from the pigeon happy day

I lived round the corner, as kids we would take bottles back to the offy window,go get sweets then eat them at that little gardened area with benches on corner of Roman Bank.

Bas Featherstone is in some of these. The first black and white group one he is on the right at back . The coloured one with three people he is the one leaning over the other two people. The black and white photo of four people Dad is the one on the right the man on the left I only knew as Twiggy and he raced pigeons. Think all the Pigeon darts team players as Dad was a regular . Great photos thanks for sharing . Also on black and white photo on left is ? Twiggy again and Brian Ronson behind him

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