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Holbeach Cemetery Chapels

Please the link to this fantastic new addition to our local heritage offerings. Details can be found by clicking HERE

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  1. Lovely Chapels, sadly neglected. Four windows have been knocked out and bricked up, one doorway has been bricked up, one doorway filled up with concrete blocks, now March 2021 the owners Holbeach Parish Council want to rip the ornate slate roof off and replace it with different slates. The building is Listed Grade Two and in a conservation area, how South Holland District Council, the planning authority, are letting this happen is beyond belief.
    Pity there is no where her to post photographs but we can have a link to the Trust who have been getting grant money for what? 2011 they were given accumulated funds of Holbeach Parish Council for repairs now they want the council to pay for the roof, A TOTAL RIP OFF

    1. Indeed a sad day unfortunately don’t know in’s and out’s to pass comment. Regards Geoff

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