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History of Chain Bridge

The first record we have of Chain Bridge is recorded on Grundy’s Map of 1732. The map shows its location very close to Chain Bridge Forge. It was believed to have been to the left of the Forge. The bridge was opened by pulling chains hence its name. This bridge seems to have been replaced with the second bridge in 1844 and lasted till the 1960’s. Conjecture is that the opening for the ships to pass through was too small and the swing bridge offered a larger opening. The later swing bridge was operated by a handle which was kept in Chain Bridge Forge. George Robert Dodd was the Harbour Master after Mr Turner and was paid £5/year and every time the bridge was opened a further shilling (5p) was collected. It must have been quite busy in the 1930’s because over a 2 week period 30th shillings were collected.

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  1. Lovely memories. I used chainbridge every day that I went to the council school (westlode Street) and in fact practically every day that I lived in Spalding at 2 Albert Street from 1938 (would have been in me pram then though) intil 1957 when I got married and moved to Holbeach

  2. Do you remember cottages on the opposite side of the river bank, somewhere between Willousby Road and the twin bridges. I know my gran lived there but I cannot find photos and no one seems to remember

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