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The White Lion Hotel, Spalding

This photo, taken in 1950 is of The White Lion Hotel which was at 5 High Street, Spalding.

This was a Soames Brewery pub that was sold to Steward & Patteson in 1949. It has a subsidiary bar in the old stables during the 1960s called Wagon Wheels with rock & roll and country music on Friday/Saturday evenings.

AOS P 2642 the white lion hotel spalding 1950

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  1. Until 1949 the landlord was mark Thorpe my step great grandfather the well known major horse dealer of the town. Until 1909 it was my great grandfather Harry Betts
    mark was his foreman and ‘.ossman’ who married his widow Elizabeth , new foreman. Her father was a boot and show maker in double Streetthe pub passes out of our family after marks death, as his son ray a farmer was teetotal and anti drink!

  2. I was just going through some old family papers and found the Conditions of Sale for the White Lion to a distant uncle (George Bradford of Moulton Chapel Brewery) at an auction on 20 July 1897

    1. That’s a lovely piece of history. Any chance we could photograph it and share it on the website? Regards Geoff

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