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Roads in Quadring

Fen Road (Town Drove):

Below: Fen Road (now Town Drove) looking towards the crossroads. The White Hart is on the left:

Below: Quadring crossroads (shop on the right, the Red Cow / Curry Inn on the left)

Mr Hyde’s vans outside Quadring shop:

Eaudyke Road (now Water Gate) in the late 1950s (below):

Below: Blackwells Row, Main Road, Quadring (now demolished)

photos kindly donated by Myra Featherstone

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  1. Incredible to see a picture of Hydes’ Stores vans. Also incredible that their shop is still a post office, as it was then! My wife is the granddaughter of Harold and Iris Hydes (nee Drage). She used to stay with them sometimes as a child and has often talked about the shop and the fleet of delivery vans.
    Thank you very much.

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