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Quadring Schools in the 1800s & 1900s

photos kindly donated by Myra Featherstone

Town School, Main Road, Quadring in 1905 / 1906:

Below: Miss Wilson (in 1889) and Maud Lucas, both headmistresses of Town School in Quadring.

Children of Town School (infants) in Quadring in 1903, with Miss Wilson on the far left:

Pictured above: Miss Wilson, W. Roe, J. Clark, W. Dickenson, Tom Hemstock, Pacey, Miss Smith, Daisy Ingamels, Louie Favargue, Clara Pacey, Nellie Robinson, Ada Clark, Ethel Edinboro, Florrie Stanley, Edie Robinson, Annie Armstrong, Rose Betts and Ernest Izzatt.

Below: Quadring Church End school circa 1866. Mr Thomas Loughland (in the top hat, with his family – left to right: William, Jane Bacon Loughland [wife], Thomas, John, Thomas, Charles, George, and Martin), was headmaster here from 1840 to 1872.

Below: Quadring Church End school photo from 1920

Quadring Eaudyke school in 1920:

Children at a Christmas party in the old Quadring village hall (which was on the right as you go from the school on the footpath to the village, by the main road):

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