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The Park Keeper, Carters Park, Holbeach

Inside the gates of Carters Park, Holbeach is the park keeper at the time Mr Ralph Emmitt. He is seen here tending to the gardens. The photo I believe is dated around the late 1950’s to early 60’s.

Does anyone remember Mr Emmitt, and have memories of the gardens at the time?

Click on image to enlarge AOS P 3911 carters park holbeach with the park keeper at the time a mr ralph emmitt

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  1. Just seen the picture of Mr Emmitt attending to the gardens in Carters Park. I can remember being shouted at by him in the early 1950’s. Often with a school friend we would play football in the area just beyond the childrens swing area, using two young trees as goal posts.
    However, on occasions we would venture onto the football pitch, especially if the nets had been put up before a Holbeach united game. After about 10 mins of shooting in we would hear the Park Keeper shouting “get off there”, and we would scarper hoping to return when Mr Emmett was further away.

      1. Remember the lovely hot summers we seemed to have and the amount of people who seemed to sit and watch cricket matches being played on the park. The pitch was adjacent to the football ground with the players using the old wooden pavilion for changing facilities.
        Some of the cricketers I recall from the end of the 1940’s are Joe Franks, a teacher who kept wicket and opened the batting I think, Danny Ambrose, Richard Kent-Woolsey another teacher who opened the bowling with Jackson??? (Cannot remember his Christian name but when he batted, at number 11, we used to say it would be 4 or 6 or out) then there was George Hix a slow bowler with a very strange action. Also there was the scorer, a Mr Neale? who would sit on a seat in the wooden pavilion and get very annoyed, with me and other youngsters making so much noise behind him while he was trying to keep an accurate scorebook.

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