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John Choma memories

Hi. I can remember coming to that blacksmiths shop (Chain Bridge Forge) when I was about 6 years old. I’d broken my pedal go-kart. About 1966. Which leads me to my father. He was Ukraine. And I know he was at the POW camp in fulney. He never went home, he stayed here and made a new life. His first employee was Chapmans farm, west Pinchbeck. He used to work the farmlands and occasionally the horses as they liked him. He met my mother who was Italian. She worked at Lockwoods Long Sutton and lived at the hostel next to the bridge at Sutton Bridge. There used to be a blue sink bungalow at West Pinchbeck on the left, just before the Horse and Jockey. I came across your name after doing some research. Hope you don’t mind. John 

Believed to be at POW camp maybe a Christmas celebration
Lockwoods Long Sutton. Miss Lockwoods contest. John’s mum came runner up. Thought to be pre 1960
Christmas at POW

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