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Joe Arnold

Joe Arnold who was a barber in a shop oposite the Ship Abion pub in Albion Street, the other side of the passage that went to Chain Bridge from the present barbers.

John Young – Freddy Cross he had the shop the other side of passage in the sixties for 30/40 years had that shop I think in the 70 for a fruit and veg shop there was a shop opposite next to the ship called Colvins

Josie Stevenson – We lived next door but one. Well remember Joe as a youngster I was always fascinated by his beard. Opposite side of road was Colvin’s shop their son was killed in RAF during war and is remembered on the memorial at Runnymede.

Keith Seaton – I did not know that about Colvin’s son RIP to him. The Bennet’s Gerald, and his 2 brothers Nevil & Tony lived in one of the houses past Fred Cross barbers I remember them all in the church choir with me. all passed away since then.

 Robert Brackenbury – remember Colvins ,Sam Hurlins Mr and Mrs Bollins and Fred Cross all in that small area.

Gordon Winyard – I wonder if anyone can remember just past Westlode st school and just past the Vine pub, a little tuck shop called Ginnney Sparks, think she was parrtially blind & Flo wilson used to help her out.

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