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Crowland Wash

A nice image of Crowland wash from a bygone time. Posted August 1906 the message reads “Dear Albert, am having a good time. Tell them at BTC that beer is 3d a pint, open all day and can treat. Kind Regards, see you next Sunday, from Jack.” Posted to a Mr A. Evans of 17 Dugdale Road, Coventry with a Crowland postmark.
If you look carefully that the bicycle in the forground is a butcher’s deliver bike belonging to Parsons Butchers of Crowland.
I don’t know what BTC stands for, don’t know if anyone has any ideas.
Unfortunately beer is no longer 3 pence a pint! (d standing for denarius (the Roman word for coin) in case anyone wasn’t aware)
Taking into account inflation it would still only be 98p a pint, a bargain by today’s standards.
This is one of Herbert Perkin’s many images of Crowland.
Maybe there are still some descendants of Parsons the butchers living in the area today.
Thanks John Wakefield can anybody help?

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