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AR Tour

This is a demonstration of  how we might integrate maps and Augmented Reality. The blue icon represent a place on the map. Click on this and it will open a picture of the location. Further click the arrow icon under the photo and this opens a screen with model.
The image displayed is a scan of the inside of the Forge. This can be rotated.

Next click on the AR Display icon in the top right hand corner. This download’s an image and may take sometime. It might need to be refreshed. When correctly downloaded you will get a camera view and a faint view of the image. Point the device to a flat surface and follow the instructions on the screen. It may create an image which is too large zoom out to view.

Also try the red icon and view a digital model of a Gargoyle.

Note: QCodes also exist and if they could be displayed at the location could be used


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  1. How does the integration of maps and Augmented Reality enhance the user experience in this demonstration?
    tel u

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