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Onslow House Gedney Drove End

This postcard was posted with a “Gedney Drove End, Wisbech” postmark on 14th August. Sadly the date isn’t legible but it’s got a George V stamp so must be post 1910 and almost certainly pre-1937. It was posted to a Miss G. Butcher of 4 Market Street, Ely. Does that name mean anything to anyone? The message reads “Dear Gert. Just a line to say I got there safe and we are well. Been on the marsh, the tide was up well. Found Mother well, she was at the station. The sun is a treat now. We all send our love to you. From Mum” Well it looks like “from Mum” but I could have read that wrong.

I have to confess I don’t know anything about Onslow House and the families that have lived there but I’m sure that many of you do! Does it look any different now?


Banks was the name of one family that lived there ,,,,Then nole parmer and when he went Mr Ward brought it and turned it in to a old folks home ?It closed down Mr ward as passed his son as got it on the market for sale been up long while .just bit imfoe for you .

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