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Fire in Spalding Market – 1714

I don’t know if this has been seen on here before. I found this in the baptism records of St Mary and St Nicholas Church dated 11th April 1870. I have made an attempt to transcribe it, I think I have got most of it right. It is a very interesting account of a fire on 27th March 1870.

About one o’clock a.m. on 27th March 1870 a fire broke out in the drapery establishment of Messer’s Hobson & Son in the centre of the south side of the Market Place and before day light completely destroyed the whole of the extensive premises, the inmates very narrowly escaping with their lives, the houses adjoining on east side were most mercifully saved and the occupants Mr Waldon of the S.Seb Bank on the west and Mrs Appleby stationer on the east give thanks publicly to God for his merciful salvation of themselves their wives and families; the one presenting an antique silver chalice and the other a silver platter to God and the church of St Mary and St Nicholas in Spalding as memorialised in this thankfulness. Wordwork held a confirmation the same day. A fire took place in 1714 on the same spot. The site of the actual church of the Holy Trinity built on the boundary wall of the Priory. On that occasion the whole of that part of the town was destroyed and natural beliefs made throughout England.

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