Gun Parts found at the Forge

The Rose family in the early 1800’s were not only Blacksmiths but also Ironmongers and shop keepers. The ironmongers situated in the Market Place in Spalding also sold guns. We found about this when a pair of Muff pistols came up for sale.

This piece of information also allowed us to give provence to a selection of gun parts found in the Forge.  The items are depicted in the picture below


1 & 2 Believed to be two Trigger Plates for shotguns I would think?

3 & 4, Early percussion locks circa 1825.

5, Screw on trigger guard. Shotgun.

6, Pincer Bullet Mould.

7, Frizzen for a flintlock.

8 and 9, Flintlock Cocks. Right and Left hand. These could be off pistols or shotguns. circa 1800.

10, Mainspring. Could be for a pistol or shotgun. With claw fitting ( anti friction).

Dave Stroud of RamRod Antiques helped identify these items and he thought they would be I would be of the period 1800 through to 1830.

Dave also confirmed The Rose family through the Ironmonger sold guns/pistols supplied by the Birmingham gun trade. Pistols are typical Birmingham produced and proofed in the Birmingham Proof House and are so mark with crossed sceptres and the letters BPV.

The blacksmith more than likely carried out minor gun repairs hence these few bits were lying around.

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