B Thorpe Butchers, Saracens Head 1900’s

This photo shows the old Slaughter House and Butchers Shop in Saracens Head which belonged to a Mr Benner Thorpe. ┬áDated early 1900’s.

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AOS P 1694 slaughter house, butchers shop. sarecens head 1900s

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  1. My name is Neville Jones. You may find the following of interest.
    I was born at Holbeach hospital in 1950 and I lived with my parents at Laburnham House, Saracens Head – the butchers shop. My parents were Pat and Edie Jones who took over the butchers shop at Laburnham House in 1947 upon my father’s return from the war. Initially my father’s brother John Jones ran it with my father but after a couple of years he moved to his own butchers business in Whittlesey.
    Pat Jones would slaughter his own meat for sale in the shop on the side of Laburnham House. He would also be seen in his Commer van calling on houses in the surrounding villages when people would come out and buy their meat from the back of the van. He had his own sausage recipe which became infamous especially in later life.
    In 1958/9 we moved to Letchworth still running a butchers shop. Swepstones then took on the shop in the village.
    My two brothers and I attended the village school which was next door when Mr Temple was the headmaster. His daughter Margaret Temple would take us three boys to church each Sunday by walking down the lane opposite.I also remember catching tadpoles with a jam jar from the pond opposite across the A17.
    We also had a bullock that escaped the slaughter house this must have been 1956/7 ish. It was later found in a garden in Holbeach.

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