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Augmented Reality

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality is an interactive experience that presents you with a real environment that has been enhanced or altered by computer-generated information. Using a smartphone camera or a similar piece of technology, it allows you to experience the real world with additional data or images overlaid on top of it.

The most familiar example of AR might be the hit mobile game Pokémon Go, which became popular across the world in 2016. The game allowed players to look through their smartphone cameras so they could both see and capture computer-generated creatures called Pokémon. The creatures would appear against the backdrop of the view from the smartphone’s camera, making it seem like they exist in real life.

Our Project 

Originally we had applied to the Arts Council for funding to explore Augmented Reality and to give training to the community on how to create digital art. But COVID blighted this bid and it was cancelled.

However, the Art Council did give us a small amount money to demonstrate the concept of digital art. Chain Bridge Forge engaged Lee Mason a local Digital Artist to create 4 different digital art features.

Project Output

Click on the link to see a 2D version of the installation.

  • Chain Bridge Forge, High St Spalding, “The VRgoyle” which alsore correct. But there are some key differences.has a hidden feature for you to discover

Thanks to these venues for their window space.

So how do you view them?

  1. First you will need a smartphone or tablet.
  2. Next you will need to download ARize App from the store (it’s totally free), enable the camera and point it at the poster.
  3. All of a sudden a 3D image will start to appear.
  4. At each location you will get a different experience.
  5. Finally please tell us about the experience.

View at Home

These installations can be viewed at home by downloading the images above. View them with a smartphone or tablet where the ARvize has been activated and is in camera mode. Once the phone has recognised the image it will start downloading the 3D model and once complete you will be presented with a 3D model which you can explore.
Please give us feedback…..

Spalding Gaurdian covered the story and there article can be found by following this link


Behind the Scenes with Lee Mason designing the images

The first stage in creating the augmented reality artwork for Chain Bridge Forge was modelling the pieces in Gravity Sketch and then TiltBrush on the Oculus Rift.