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Meteor Jet Crash

Hello, I am trying to locate the exact area where a Meteor Jet crashed in September 1953. I know that it came down in the orchard of a farm owned by a Mr Richard Sutterby in Mill Green, I think the house may have been called Holmfield but I'm not sure. Can you help me...

Chain Link Making at the Forge

SUMMARY OF PUMP GRIND & SMITH PROJECT – Day for the public to make Chain Links This report is produced by The Friends of Chain Bridge Forge and outlines the experience of making Chain Links which were incorporated as part of the Forge installation of Pump, Grind...

Moulton Mill get a new Artwork

This is the second of 3 artworks which will be installed at Chain Bridge Forge, Pinchbeck Pumping Station and Moulton Mill. The Mill piece depicts the work of the mill and also includes 8 mosaic panels which were made by Mulberry Craft Consortium.

New Art Installation at the Forge

Jeni Cairns has delivered the first of 3 art installation outside Chain Bridge Forge. The remaining two installations will be installed at Moulton Mill and Pinchbeck Pumping Station. The installation at the Forge depicts the work of the Blacksmith and the last...

British Sugar – Major Reconstruction

1963 Construction of R T DiffuserR T Panel 1964R T Diffuser completedConstruction of the Lime KilnLime Kiln completedBoiler Chimney InspectionView from 200ft high silo, Main boiler house in foreground, Bulk sugar tanker are waiting to go out along roadways 1965New...

British Sugar – People

Spalding Field Staff 1947Spalding Management and Office Staff 1947Sports Club 1940'sCivil Defence 1950'sFactory Civil Defence Drill1960's Sugar Bagging l to r Pat Grimwood, Pete HuffamVIP Factory Visit 1968 l to r Sir Richard Body MP Noel Smith

Knife Making at the Forge

Taster Day in Chain Bridge Forge yesterday. knife making. Ryan worked with a volunteer to first fire weld 5 layer of steel. The resulting ingot was the cut again fire welded together to create an ingot with 55 layer. This was formed to create the knife. A little bit...

Art Installation

 The art installation for Moulton Mill approaches completion. Thanks to Jeni Cairns and Mulberry Craft Consortium for the mosaics. #art #mosaics #crafts #heritage

Learning Curve – Digital Studio

A new digital studio offering people the chance to try out state of the art technologies is to open in Spalding town centre. Learning Curve is a collaboration between Chain Bridge Forge Museum’s innovation centre and Ark ICT Solutions and will offer a range of digital...

British Sugar plc Spalding 1925 – 1994 – Origins

In Memory of Spalding Factory The place and some of the people. Spalding was originally built in 1925 as the third Anglo-Scottish Beet Sugar Corporation factory; the first factory being Colwick (Nottingham) and the second Kidderminster. Subsequently three more...

Murrells Printing Works

Victoria Street, Spalding. Photographs taken April 1985 when it closed  Property  owned by Mrs Murrell of Wisbeach, widow of former owner. Until 1985 business owned and operate by Mr Ray Clow. Purchased in 1985 by Bun’s Bakery and used to extend bakery...

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