Educational Resources

Learning outside the classroom provides opportunities for both formal and informal educational experiences.

Chain Bridge Forge can be inspiring and informative in so many ways and offers experiences which can not be replicated in a school environment.

Hands-on learning

Teachers know that the most meaningful learning often occurs through real-life, practical or hands-on activities.

Chain Bridge Forge offers a number of activities to tie in with the school curriculum.

A full prospectus of Forge activities can found by opening the following link. Prospectus

National Curriculum

The Forge has also looked at its relevance to the new National Curriculum and learning skills and this report can be found here.

Arts Council and Museum Development East Midlands have helped the Forge develop educational resources at the Forge.

The right hand sidebar has a series of leaflets which describe the Forge educational resources and its links to the National Curriculum


Blacksmithing Taster Sessions

Chain Bridge Forge offers young people the opportunity to experience Blacksmithing.

Each young person has the chance to make a coat hook which they can take home with them. We make a small charge for this activity.

Each person is dressed in a leather apron, safety glasses, cap and gloves.

The forge also has also given this opportunity to cub and scout groups.

The resources for this activity are as follows:

Visit Day Programme master

Taster Risk Assessmentv2


The Forge is also able to take a portable Forge to local schools and demonstrate the art of the Blacksmith. There is a charge for this activity which can be given upon request.

Talks are also available for local groups.

The Forge also has equipment and expertise to conduct Oral Histories.

Offsite Taster Risk Assessment

Local History

A significant local history library boasting over 500 books can be used for research.

Much of this information can also be seen online on this website which holds over 3,600 artefacts.


The Forge is working with the University of Lincoln to provide a Heritage Craft Virtual Simulator.

Click this link to see more details.

Recently the Forge has invested in 3D printing, scanning and pen equipment so that it can show the latest modern techniques in manufacturing.

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