Working Together to Preserve our Heritage and Trades

Chain Bridge Forge in conjunction with our partners Moulton Mill and Pinchbeck Pumping Museum have received £38,200 from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF)

Made possible by National Lottery players, this piece of work will evaluate if this group of museums working together can better serve their community and deliver the following aims:

  • Organisation – Propose efficient governance for the elements of agreed common working and suggest how the Project Management Team comprising representatives of the museums can be run and any policy and procedures required.
  • People – Review the roles for the common working elements of the project and review how to strengthen the current management teams. Investigate the possibility of developing ways of assisting/recruiting volunteers and training needs.
  • Improved Customer Experience – Ensure the touch points (internet, social media, site visit, publications and physical visit) offer the best experience for visitors.  Also indicate the best way to measure this level of satisfaction.
  • Finance and Resources Review – To reduce the overheads and reduce duplication by reviewing the backoffice functions and the sites’ assets.  Review and make recommendations about making each of the sites sustainable without external funding.
  • Improve Marketing – increased visitors and revenue – In particular, review the delivery channels (websites, social media, print) and make recommendations as to how to communicate with our community.
  • Future Proofing – Become a sustainable/resilient organisation, able to fund day to day operations and position ourselves so that we meet future Arts Council desire to only fund museums which excel in the following: Innovation, Leadership, Quality.
  • Flexibility – Ensure the proposed solution is flexible to encompass change and growth.