Working Together Documents

The Bid 

Our Bid to HLF 

The Plan  – resilient_heritage_project_plan_FINAL

Resilient Heritage Strength Checker – Strength Checker Report by Geoff Taylor for The Friends of Chain Bridge Forge – 2016-11-23

Partnership agreement – signed

Heritage Lottery Fund

Signed offer letter RH-16-06327

Permission to Start

Working Together Consultants Pack

Working Together proposal ltr


WT Plan v1

Press Release

Initial – Working Together Press Release

press notice with HLF comments 4 sept 17

Results for Moulton Windmill

Results for Chain Bridge Forge

Results for all Sites

Results Pinchbeck Engine Museum

Working Together Interim Report 13102017

Working Together Interim Report 13102017-1 Figures 1 and 2 Mosaic overview

Visitor Evaluation Report Figure 3a – Tourism competitors within 30 minutes drive time of Chain Bridge Forge Proposed contents page for Spalding B Plan v3 14122017

South Holland Heritage – web map starter for 10

Proposed scope of each action plan

South Holland Industrial Heritage vision – Draft v2 17012018

Sacrewell Press Release

GENERIC MoU – Courtyard Workshops Appendix D1 –

SHIH Fundraising strategy Appendix D2 – GDPR – the essentials for fundraising organisations Appendix D3 – Funding search for SHIH Appendix C1 –

SHIH Marketing and communications strategy Appendix C2 – Press release guidance Appendix C3 –

Template for collaborative press releases

Appendix C4a – Recommended Media List for Belton

Appendix C4b – Recommended Media List for Tattershall Castle

Appendix C5 – Website inspiration

Appendix C6 – Outline proposal for SHIH web map

Appendix B1 – Future trends likely to impact on volunteering

Appendix B2 – GDPR at a glance infographic

Appendix B3 – Example of a volunteer induction checklist

Appendix B4 – Role profile for communications volunteer

Appendix B5 – Role profile for volunteer administrator

Appendix B6 – Role profile for volunteer host

Appendix B7 – Role profile for volunteer tearoom assistant

Appendix B8 – Role profile for media and communications volunteer

Appendix B9 – Role profile for fundraising volunteer

Appendix B10 – Volunteering identity – a tool for volunteering communications

Appendix A1- Mosaic overview for Peterborough postcodes for 30 and 40 min drive times

Appendix A2 – SHIH Vision XS bench-marking model

Appendix A3 – IPOP analysis of the SHIH attractions

Appendix A4 – Everything speaks – Seven working principles of interpretation

Appendix A5 – Everything speaks – Reasons to return

Appendix A6 – An example of a peer review approach for visitor experience South Holland Industrial Heritage Business Plan – Final DRAFT 31012018