Trails – This section details walking, cycling and car trials across South Holland – Click on the list below:


Spalding Town & Markets

Port of Spalding and its Merchants

Ayscoughfee Hall, Parish Church and River Welland

South Holland Notable Churches – Work in Progress

Spalding Art Trail

If you propose walk, cycle or even drive we suggest the following  planning for your trail.

Walking trails this is particular important and we suggest you will need to cross roads during the walk and may need to stand back to view the building we always ask you to be mindful of the road and any other pedestrians that might be using the footpath.

Wear sensible shoes and footwear.
Don’t try to do too much.
Take a bottle of water.
Check the opening times of Museums. Don’t forget your camera.
Take care if walking at night.
Please respect people’s private property.
Getting the Most from your Walk
The directions on the next few pages will take you through a glimpse of the
past. To make it even more interesting we have added some challenges in the form of a quiz which we hope will appeal to all the family.

If you have a smartphone you can view the tTrails