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Learn more about the people, places and events that have shaped the South Holland of today. From the drainage of the Fens and the famous Flower Parade, to the historic churches and the everyday lives and work of the people who lived here, the South Holland Life brings the past to life through a growing archive of articles, documents, photographs and first-person recollections.

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360° tour of South Holland

We have used a Ricoh Camera camera to create a number spherical views of South Holland and by linking these spheres a tour of building or location can be created. 

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Some of the other resources we have found which explore South Holland’s past.

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Memories of the 1930s railways in Spalding

Memories of the 1930s railways in Spalding

John Tippler has put some of his memories down on paper for readers to enjoy. In the 1930s, crossing the King’s Road footbridge, which spanned the 13 tracks of the shunting yard, was a small boy’s delight. There were usually several shunting engines at work,...

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Spalding Waterways 1930 ish

This week, John Tippler talks about the waterways of Spalding. Spalding’s main river is, of course, the Welland, whose town section we now know as a pleasant, but passive, feature of the town.It was not always so passive. In the 1930s and earlier 40s it was still...

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