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Spalding Cinema – Regent

Located in Spalding, Lincolnshire. The Regent Cinema was opened June 20, 1927 with Estelle Body in “Madamoiselle From Armentieres”. Above the entrance the cinema boasted a café for the convenience of its patrons. On 6th January 1930 it was equipped with a Western Electric(WE) sound system and screened its first ‘talkie’ “The Rainbow Man”.
The Regent Cinema was closed on 2nd February 1959 with Vincent Price in “The House on Haunted Hill”. It was demolished in 1965. A Trustee Savings Bank(TSB) was built on the site, which in 2015 is an appliance store. Source: Cinema Treasures

Does anybody have memories of this cinema?




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  1. As a schoolboy in the 1950s I remember not being allowed to go there because my mother – I am sure mistakenly – thought it was a flea pit. An attraction for the youth of the era was that it had double seats on the back row, and if you went with a young lady…..well, use your imagination! As a pupil at the nearby Willesby School in the very early 50s, I remember hearing a booming noise coming from the rear of the cinema during matinee performances. My grandad told me it was made by an old single-cylinder gas engine used by the cinema to generate its own electricity.

    1. I hear that it wasn’t that savoury and the attendant could be seen spraying DTD in the interval

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