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Flower Parade during the 1990’s

Year 1990

Theme – Say it With Flowers

Name of Queen:and deputies:

Link to Programme:

Photo Gallery:

Year: 1991

Theme: Children’s Fiesta

Name of Queen: and deputies: Vicki Wadsworth, deputy Julie Garth

Link to Programme: Flower Parade 1991

Photo Gallery:

Year: 1992

Theme – Flowers on Parade

Name of Queen:and deputies: Sarah Crampton and deputy Joanne Higgins

Link to Programme:  Flower Parade 1992

Photo Gallery:

Year: 1993

Theme: 35 Years of Floral Entertainment

Name of Queen: Caroline Anning and deputy Fiona Chester. Miss Free Press and Spalding Guardian Toni Cardillo

Link to Programme: Flower Parade 1993

Photo Gallery:

Year: 1994

Theme: Mother Earth

Name of Queen: Joanna Green and deputy Penny Cooper. Miss Free Press and Spalding Guardian  Racheal Uffindell

Link to Programme: Flower Parade 1994

Photo Gallery:

Year: 1995

Theme: World of Books

Name of Queen: Tracey Markham and deputy Rachael Murray Free Press and Spalding Guardian Amanda Smith

Link to Programme: Flower Parade 1995

Photo Gallery:

Year: 1996

Theme: Growing for Gold

Name of Queen: Michelle Clayton and Deborah Broughton and Miss Spalding Guardian Nicola de Souza

Link to Programme: Flower Parade 1996

Photo Gallery:

Year: 1997

Theme: Children’s World

Name of Queen: Joanna Higgins and deputy Michelle Clayton

Link to Programme: Flower Parade 1997

Photo Gallery:

Year: 1998

Theme: Celebration Time

Name of Queen: Margaret Hawkins and deputy Clare Woolley

Link to Programme: Flower Parade 1998

Photo Gallery:

Year: 1999

Theme: The 20th Century on Parade

Name of Queen: Sam Nelson and deputy Emma Hibbins

Link to Programme: Flower Parade 1999

Photo Gallery:

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