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Annibles Bakery East St., Crowland

Another lovely postcard image taken by Herbert Perkins. This one is W. Annible confectioners delivery wagon. Probably around 1910-1920.

The location is the yard at rear of what was Annibles bakery in East St under the archway.The men I believe are putting sacks of flour upstairs in granary. A horse and cart similar to one in photo was used to deliver bread in village as late as 1949.Behind the window was the bakery.My friend Derek Broughton( that’s his Mum being carried out on a mans back in photo of 47 floods in Cloot Drove)used to work at Annibles and one of his jobs was to prepare the dough at around Six o clock at night ready for baking in morning.I used to help him so that we could get done early ready for a drink at Granby Head pub.That is until one night it  wrong but that is another story
Thanks to John Wakefield

Cart in the photo?

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