South Holland Timeline

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South Holland Timeline

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Map Timeline

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Fen Drainage Timeline 852 to Present Day

Fen Drainage Timeline 852 to Present Day

It’s common in South Holland to see fields bordered by drainage ditches and rivers with embankments on each side to protect the surrounding farmland. Early drainage schemes, dug manually, suffered constant delays over centuries due to political and legal... read more

Forge Timeline

1800′s – Building is purpose built as a Blacksmith’s workshop 1826 – White’s Directory shows Francis South was Blacksmith at this time 1850 – 1860 – Accounts show the Blacksmith was servicing the boats at Spalding Port 1899 – The Dodd Family take... read more


History The purpose of the timeline is record notable dates in history for South Holland and its people. It will also link to resources held within this website and where possible external resources. In the Domesday Book Survey of 1086, Earl Algar and Ivo Talbois held... read more
Meeting with the Historic Environment team today at LCC

Meeting with the Historic Environment team today at LCC

Today we had an excellent meeting with the Historic Environment team at LCC. We discussed digital mapping and gave a demonstration of VR. They are developing their solution around a product called Arches. look at Lincoln offering It’s open source software and we will... read more

Then and Now Maps – 1307 and Today

The old map believed to be a reconstruction of a map of 1307 has overlaid on today’s map. Interesting how today’s road follow the ancient tracks across the marsh. Read more about the 1307 Map and drainage by clicking... read more

South Holland Life – Genealogy

Genealogy Explore and discover the history of the people who lived and worked in South Holland. Explore South Holland’s people and places People Ayscoughfee Photo Collection View Details Places Ayscoughfee Photo Collection View Details Transport Ayscoughfee... read more

Chainbridge Forge History

Chain Bridge Forge History For centuries blacksmiths were at the centre of every community, providing the essential services of shoeing horses, making and mending metal tools  and wheels. From the 1700s to today The Forge is fascinating example with many original... read more