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British Library

…Target, 2003-2008, (Boston: Spalding Target, 2003-), Microfilm held in British Library Newspaper Library: (22nd Oct. 2003-2008) The Boston, Lincoln, Louth & Spalding Herald, etc,.1832-1843, (Boston, Lincolnshire: 1832-), held in British…

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Flower Parade Artefact Catalogue

…Programme Text 1996 cbf391 Chain Bridge Forge, Downstairs Cupboards Spalding Flower Parade and country Fair 2003 Text 2003 cbf392 Chain Bridge Forge, Downstairs Cupboards Spalding flower Parade 2007 Text 2007…

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Your Flower Parade Memories

Spalding Flower Parade Memories Like many others, we have fond memories of the popular Spalding Flower Parade which ran in the town from 1959 to 2013 and now are looking…

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Flower Parade – Timeline

…Clare Platt Click Click Click Musical on Parade 2003 Vicki Gardner Click Jan’sPhoto Click TV Memories  2004 Vickie Chapman Click Click click Springfield Fenscape and Gardens Anything Goes 2005 Tara…

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