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British Library

…National Union of Teachers, (Spalding 32 Park Rd, Spalding, Lincs.: The author, 1973?) Watkinson, Arthur James, A Short History of Spalding Baptist Church, 1646-1972, (Spalding: A. J. Watkinson, 1973) Wills,…

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Video Archive

…Lincolnshire 4th July 2012 1973 SPALDING LINCOLNSHIRE SPRING FLOWER PARADE 4 MINS COLOUR SILENT https://youtu.be/w6lWjHSDLG0 Golden Fables 2012 – Tulip Time in Spalding, Lincolnshire Ayscoughee Memorial, Spalding, Lincolnshire https://youtu.be/6BUJdhNLxMg Spalding…

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South Holland Windmills

…cap frame by crane on 15 August 1973. It had once been hoped to restore the will but the scrap value of the iron machinery proved irresistable and most went…

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Flower Parade Artefact Catalogue

…Bridge Forge, Downstairs Cupboards Information leaflet 1973 Flower Parade Text 1973 cbf320 Chain Bridge Forge, Downstairs Cupboards East of England Leisure Guide incorporating Official Flower Parade Programme Text 1989 cbf352…

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Your Flower Parade Memories

Spalding Flower Parade Memories Like many others, we have fond memories of the popular Spalding Flower Parade which ran in the town from 1959 to 2013 and now are looking…

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Acts and Statutory Instruments

…35 Page Detailed Act No. 1 Setting up Welland Drainage District 1922 Welland and DeepingsIDB Welland and Deepings IDB Drainage order 1973 Reconstitution of Welland and Deepings IDB 1992 and…

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