South Holland Heritage Maps – Work in Progress

Each coloured point on the map identifies part of our heritage and is based on the data supplied by Heritage England. By clicking on each coloured point you will open a new widow and this will give you access to more information.

[iframe width=”100%” height=”576″ src=”″ frameborder=”0″]

So to get started click on the green arrow and this refreshes the map information. The map can then be examined by the normal way of zooming in and out. Depending on the device being used you rotate the device to give the best display. Now there is a number of ways of looking at the information.

  1. Click on the coloured point and you will find more information. The different colour points signify different types of heritage. purple -drainage, red – buildings, green – settlement, blue green – signs, salterns -yellow, orange – church, blue – farms. mill – dark green, dark purple – railway, black – war, light brown – pub/inn and finally
  2. Click on Village/town on righthand side of map. This will display all artefacts in that category. Click on the artefact and it will take you to the artefact on the map.
  3. Type a word in the filter box at the top righthand corner of the map. eg type “church” and this displays only the churches in the area

Finally directions – Look into the bottom left hand corner and there is a target icon. click on this and allow the map to understand the current position. click on a coloured point you want to visit and an arrow will appear. Click on the arrow and this will give you directions.

This is your heritage and we keen to hear about corrections, additions or just ideas on how to improve the experience,