Chain Link Making at the Forge

SUMMARY OF PUMP GRIND & SMITH PROJECT – Day for the public to make Chain Links

This report is produced by The Friends of Chain Bridge Forge and outlines the experience of making Chain Links which were incorporated as part of the Forge installation of Pump, Grind and Smith a project funded by the Arts Council.

We worked with our Blacksmith, Ryan Atkin to create a way that the local community could visit the Forge and create chain links. The event was advertised in the local paper and social media and the outcome was that 50 links were made during the day.

The visitor was given a safety briefing and protective clothes (gloves, leather apron and safety glasses)

We used a jig as can be seen in figure 1 to create the links. First the metal was heated under the watchful eye of Ryan. Then the metal rod was fitted into the jig and wound round the jig to form the links. The metal was removed from the jig and cut into individual links.

What went well

Good cross section of the community came in to experience this event

Getting the community to work with hot metal and enjoy the experience

Working together

The pride and excitement of being involved in the project and the result will be on public display.

50 chain links made

What went less well

It would nice to have more of the public to attend a free event and to get visitors from our Eastern European community.


Delivery and installation of links 

Pride in delivering Forge installation

Giving exceptional art to the local community

The confidence that we can do more and better