Featured picture shows aerial photo in 1960.

St Marks School asked

“Good morning, we are doing a history project on Spalding are were wondering on Winfrey Avenue many many years ago was there a Morrisons or some other supermarket where Iceland and B & Q is now”.

Thanks to my friends Betty Willson and John Decamp we have the following information for you: But can one else tell us more?

Safeway were where B& Q and Iceland are but they moved to what is now Morrisons on Wardentree Lane. I think they were the first supermarket in the country to use “Bar Code Scanning” at the checkouts. I’ve found a few photos of the shops at the top of Winfrey Avenue. I remember the butchers shop well and Snowdrop Nurseries, Packer and Craven refrigeration engineers and Hardwick Plumbing and Heating were also there.

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You will recognise the footway, it is still there with “Quickfit Tyres” on the right.

Where that filling station on the left is used to be a little terrace of cottages. I remember a lad shinning up the drainpipe of one and getting stuck on the roof, laying flat on the slates with his toes in the guttering too scared to move. That was in 1961 on a Sunday morning, I walked past with some mates and spotted him so I shinned up the drainpipe to help him down but he was too scared to move and we decided the pipe wouldnt stand the weight of both of us so the other lads borrowed a ladder from a house across the road and rescued him that way.