Beer House, Bertie Fen Lane (Property now called’Snowdrop Villa’)
The Hill family moved into this house from Sheffield in 1891 and lived there for about sixty years, so we think it is in order here to include the photograph (below) of them as it is with this family that people connect the house.

Beer House Pinchbeck

Beer House click to enlarge

It was some years prior to 1891 that it was known to be a beerhouse but as yet we have not come across any recorded details of this. Does any body know more?

Several people including descendants of Abraham Boothby (who of course only lived across the lane) can remember their relations referring to this property as a beerhouse, so it looks as if we shall have to go back just as far as for
· The New Inn’.
The house is seen in more recent times. It has been renovated since this particular picture was taken but is still easily


There were two beerhouses in Pinchbeck in 1881 for which we have discovered a little information.
In Knight Street one was run by Mrs. Georgiana Bell aged 40 who originated from Spaldwick in Huntingdonshire.
When she died a report appeared in the local paper as follows :-
Mrs. Georgiana Bell Deceasea
Atl per softs having any claim or demand against the Estate or Ejrects of Mrs. Georgiana Bell late of Pinc7beck in the
County of Lincoln, widow and Innkeeper, who died on 7th day of March 1884 are requested to send par t icuiars thereof to
Mr. James Sellers, Miller, or 1o Mr. Johti Li
all persons indebted to the said Georgiana Bell, deceased, at the tinte of her death are requested zo pay the amounts of
their respective Debts forthwith to the said Executors.
By order of the Executors
Maples & Sons, Solicitors
Spalding 19 April 1884
Mrs. Elizabeth Thompson managed one in Turnpike Road in 1881 ; she came from Dereham in Norfolk, was aged 53
and had four children living with her, Charles E. (23), Mary A. (20), and Elizabeth J. (16), who all were born in Egypt, and
William G. (14) who was born in Spalding.
We have learned of three other’Houses’in Pinchbeck since the start of our research, The Boot and Slipper, The Swan
and The Windmill unfortunately we have no information or pictures of these as yet.